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Learn Ange Miller's Signature Alcohol Ink + Mixed Media Techniques With Creative Mindset Training So You Can Make Excellent Art.

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As an Art Therapist I was shocked at how much I needed this.

With limited time to create I hadn’t realised how much pressure I’d been putting myself under.

I am so excited for the mindset Ange teaches to reach more people!

As well as learning Ange’s signature techniques this course has enabled me to reignite my creativity and I am completely free to enjoy exploration and discovery in my own flow.

Ink Art Lab has just been nothing short of magical for me!

- Michelle Matcham, Art Therapist



Ink Art Lab is especially, lovingly designed to help you:

🎉 Develop unstoppable creative confidence so you can enjoy making beautiful ink art

🎉 Learn how to achieve your greatest potential in your art so you can confidently sell

🎉 Create art which is unique and authentic so you can truly feel proud of your work

🎉 Understand your creativity so you are empowered to create with excellence

I am SO deeply thrilled to share my signature inky discoveries, guiding you NOT ONLY through creating your own multimedia ink abstractions, but setting up foundations for a powerful creative mindset that elevates your entire life.

Are you…

✅ Wishing for more freedom and unique expression in your creativity?

✅ Finding yourself feeling blocked by things like fear of failure, fear of wasting your media, fear of judgement, perfectionism, self doubt, lack of skill?

✅ Frustrated that you can't seem to gain momentum and find your own art style?

✅ LOVING the look of ink art?

This course if PERFECT for both:

🌟 Beginners (I have you covered with inspiring demos and directives to kick start your creative cycle)

🌟 and practicing artists who desire to explore new media and engage intuitively with artmaking again


"Ange Miller, Ba. (Visual Art & Design) has been a passionately practising Australian artist for over 20 years and teaching art as a university lecturer for 10 years.

Her enthusiasm for inciting creative expression in others is evident as she teaches her discoveries with intent to empower YOUR unique expression. She aims to demystify process and make accessible what she calls "the Flow"; the intuitive approach to making art which is both uniquely expressive and exploratory.

Ange has been using this unique mix of media for well over 5 years now, her work being snatched up by collectors internationally and landed her an exclusive collaboration with iconic Australian brand MIMCO in 2018.

Inside the Ink Art Lab she spills all the info about her process, materials and make-or-break mindset foundations. Anyone signing up is in for a treat!"


"“I love Ange's laid back & genuine teaching style. She provides great and valuable content, and the mindset offerings are definitely what set her apart from other instructors. Ange presents the information in such a caring manner that I receive it as if I’m having one-on-one instruction! Her uniqueness, her passion, and her love for art & her students really shines through!”

- Kim Wendt


I can help with that!

Here's how we'll do it:

This course consists of the following 9 value-packed modules which unlock each week to allow for maximised learning process.

Once unlocked, the training is completely self-paced.

Here's the line up:

  1. Welcome, Intro + Safety
  2. Intro to Empowered Creative Mindset
  3. Venturing Into Mixed Media
  4. Exploring Intuitive Abstraction
  5. The Truth About Layers
  6. Mounting + Resin
  7. Making Prints (Hows + Whys)
  8. Scaling Up BIG
  9. Storage, Sales & Packaging

Each module consists of multiple lessons with juicy and inspiring instructional videos.

Once unlocked, the videos are completely accessible to watch and rewatch to your heart's content.

Is your heart saying YES?!

And...all of this for $1000???


Today it's only $397 USD 🤯 also with a payment plan option to space out your investment over 2 months!


Get started now!

"I have fibro myalgia and spinal problems which severely affect my mobility and suffer with depression and anxiety.

I started meditation and mindfulness about a year ago and resurrected my creative side.

I stumbled across alcohol inks but really struggled with how to use them.

Then I found your course. Wow. I love the way you explain everything, the way you talk.

This is so much more than just art.

Your course has given me peace, has helped with the fear of making mistakes, without feeling guilty.

Yes I am a mum.

Yes I have chronic pain.

But you have helped me realise that I should not be feeling guilty about spending time being creative.

Go with the flow, learn by mistakes. Your words are in my head reminding me not to be afraid. The books you have recommended have been very helpful.


- Melanie Jennings

"Anyone on the fence about this- don't be! This course is brilliant and Ange is a fantastic teacher.

Ink Art Lab really helped me open up in my art and be FREE and explore a different way to approach art without overthinking.

Before Ink Art Lab I was just having lots of messes and nothing was really sparking me. The course has helped so much with that!"

- Lei Ahmed

"Ange will show you some fantastic new techniques using mixed media with the alcohol inks; VERY EXCITING; But, just as importantly, this course will help you develop your intuitive, playful and experimental side of the creative process. This is so much more than just putting some ink down on paper.

I’ve loved doing the Ink Art Lab course, it’s self-paced learning, you can do this anytime you like and you have access to the content any time after it’s unlocked for you. There is no pressure to create the next big masterpiece, it’s learning at your leisure.

Ange's unique way of teaching will open your curiosity and this really connects with me. Her caring, speaking-from-the-heart way of being reveals a beautiful soul. There are new techniques you’ll learn or rediscover but it’s also the fun and joy you’ll find in the creative process that Ange is so passionate about and that passion is infectious.

If you’re looking to start using alcohol inks for the first time or wanting to take your alcohol ink art to the next level, then I can recommend enrolling in Ink Art Lab. I’ve truly done myself a favour and immersed myself in all Ange has to offer."

- Carol Maddern

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
Enrol today and get instant access to the supplies list and welcome module. Remaining modules are drip-released but once modules unlock each week it's completely self-paced - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for the entire lifespan of the course - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you have paid in full and are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. Please note that payment plan purchases are non-refundable.
Is this course suitable for beginners?
Yes! In fact, it's perfect for beginners and practicing artists alike! This technique is extremely forgiving and rewarding. Along with mindset training it's a very therapeutic addition to your daily experience of life.
Is there a supportive Facebook community to compliment this training?
Yes, there sure is! Meet other Inky Creative Souls and be inspired and cheered along inside the exclusive Facebook group, which will change the way you feel about Facebook. I promise!

Course Curriculum

  Hello + Welcome!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Scaling Up BIG!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Conclusion + Blessing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Lesson
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days after you enroll

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Some beautiful feedback from my course "Intuitive Art Approach : Abstract Acrylic"

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Your Instructor

Ange Miller
Ange Miller

I grew up in rural hub country town Tamworth, NSW, Australia with productive parents who brought forth 7 children. In High School I remember largely feeling misplaced. When we would have career path advisory days and other students would be abuzz with gathering information for chasing their particular Dream Job; I floated aimlessly, wondering if I should just find a rich man and have his babies.

Wandering through life is the best way of describing the next 20 years. I did find a rich man. Not rich in monetary wealth but rich in spirit and purpose. I had four of his babies. But Something always kept me floating around... I knew there was Something More that I was missing. There was Something More to this. I have always been an artist, and the escape my creativity provided was definitely a vital harbour in the emotional storm.

It wouldn't be until my 40th birthday that I would realise why I was so lost in that school hall on Career Path Advisory days.

There was no banner with "Advocate for Humanity's Creative Identity".

No Banner with "Whole Hearted Searcher and Tester"

Not even a banner with "Artist/ Creative/ Entrepreneur"!!!

You see, it was creative expression which kept me intact through years of depression caused by the confusion of my purpose.

At the end of my rope, my spirit cried out and at the same time I was convicted that I must search harder, deeper, more purposefully and with all my heart.

In the most subtle but powerful way Creativity reassured me of my Name. Not "Ange", but the name too deep for words. The name of my spirit. It's too deep for words so I must use paint, actions, songs and love to speak it and understand it. To know my value.

Rewinding several years before this time I was employed as a lecturer at Avondale College University. I facilitated Lab in Painting & Drawing for 1st and 2nd year Bachelor students.

As I searched, I bounced things off my students and tested my findings with crafted curriculum and unique approaches.

Over the years of whole-hearted searching I came to realise for myself AND for my students that our Creative Identity had been imposed upon by the common value system which promotes Performance and Product over search and expression. This has enabled a creative confidence deficit in much of the population.

People are disconnected from their creative truth.

This enables competition, greed, desperation, anxiety, depression, narcissism, irresponsibility, oppression, emotional trauma and suicide.

What I stand on is make-or-break for me.

It has empowered such value, purpose, joy and goodness in my life regardless of circumstance.

This is the basis for my teaching.

So if you only want techniques, sorry (but not sorry).

There will be an ever-unfurling supply of training starting from here.

And I am SO EXCITED to see what ripples out from this little spot on the world wide web. Your feedback means SO MUCH TO ME!

If this teaching answers the call of your heart's cry for FREEDOM, please reach out and let me know!


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