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Self-Paced Online Art Classes To Nourish and Inspire A Healing And Kick-Butt Creative Discipline

Join The Arty Hearty Party

Ready to heal your heart piece by piece? Ready to finally live that nourishing and creative life you've always craved? If so, this art membership is the soul food you've been looking for.

Under my feathery wing, you'll embark on a heart-healing journey full of art lessons that not only teach you real skills, but also empower you to cultivate the positive mindset needed to overcome obstacles not just in art, but life as well.

Let's snuggle up and dream big together as we unleash your inner artist and transform your one precious life in the process.

"Art to Heal a Heart is an A+ membership - teaching technique with the heart INVOLVED. My confidence keeps growing as I learn more skill in a gracious way. My favourite kind of learning."

- Samantha Lesan, Artist

“I’m really loving these Membership classes. You are the best, most supportive teacher!! I can’t believe I’m even drawing in the first place! These classes are really moving.”

- Ashli Bickford, Alcohol Ink Artist

"Ange Miller, I really can't even tell you how much you've helped me in my life. I really appreciate you sharing with me and I wish everyone in this world would take your classes! It's so much more than art - you've guided me through emotions, ego checks, and even being a better wife to my husband! You're like a best friend, best teacher, and therapist all wrapped into one beautiful soul!"

- Erin Wilkins

Hello beautiful Soul, this is my intention for you in this space.

Feel free to listen or scroll through the information below (or both!)

The unique combination of art and mindset makes this membership space wondrously different.

From a decade of teaching Painting & Drawing Lab to university students, I discovered the secret sauce to developing technique and unleashing unique style through intuitive practice. This secret sauce is the foundation of this membership.

But my real magic trick? Teaching even the most doubtful, "I can't draw" folks to become unstoppable artists, often leading to tears of joy and newfound empowerment.

Lucky for you, my membership offers 60+ classes filled with inspiring demos and powerful mindset teaching to recharge and energize your creative spirit. Say goodbye to the inner critic and hello to your new art-making superhero self. Already know you want to dive in?

So what is it like inside the membership?

We cover everything ranging from still life, energy art, colour studies and musical response painting to intuitive portrait drawing, whimsical dreamscapes and even things to do when you don't have the energy to create

Drawing, painting, collage, mixed media... we'll mix it up and get you seeing yourself across a range of styles and media.. and THAT'S how you develop your purest expression 🎨

Some lessons are studies, others will give you a finished product but everything will be geared towards saturating you with experiences which increase artistic skill and strengthen creative intuition.

But, do I have to be an experienced 'artist'?

Absolutely not. In fact, if you're a beginner and you're keen to learn this is a nutritious place to start! You'll learn a lot as long as you're not afraid to be the beginner. There'll be a whole lotta love a support for you if you need it.

Practicing artists will also be nourished with new ideas and techniques, support for refining your style and dabbling with new mediums. Not to mention the sustaining of creative mindset so you can get on with the business of your glorious unfurling!

This membership, however is NOT for:

  • artists who are completely content with their current mode of practice and don't need help or inspiration to develop technical or intuitive skills.
  • anyone who values competition over community
  • anyone wanting to avoid going on adventures or making messes and experiencing failure as well as discovery and wonder.
  • anyone who hates listening to an Australian accent (haha)

It is, however, the PERFECT fit for you if you are:

✔️ Longing to get more joy and peace out of your creative experiences

✔️ Hungry to identify, strengthen and clarify your unique creative expression

✔️ Keen to be part of a supportive and uplifting community of like-hearted creative souls

✔️ Ready to sharpen your observational and drawing skills (I make it fun and gentle for those who may feel concerned)

✔️ Missing that creative spark which makes you come alive

✔️ Hurting in your heart

You can have access today to:

  • Over 60+ (and new to be added) weekly classes on a range of artistic topics and practices
  • Soul-activating meditations to support you in your journey
  • A rich, supportive community for you to ask questions, share your journey and seek support from other artists + myself

AND SO MUCH MORE, for only $33 USD a month.

Come ride with me! Let me get in your head and plant a beautiful, fruitful garden of empowering thoughts which will ripple out wonderfully into all the facets of your precious life.

I want excellence and breakthrough and a wild unfurling for you, so you remember the beauty of your authenticity. Your identity. Your purpose.

We'll learn to spin suffering and failure into bonafide gold. It won't be intense though - lots of playfulness and whimsy is good for the soul.

This is Art to Heal a Heart. Are you in?

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Membership start and finish?
The Membership starts now and never ends (for the foreseeable future! But if/when it ends you'll get plenty of notice) Although the new lesson drops weekly, the content is a completely self-paced. You can revisit previous lessons and watch/ rewatch to your heart's content. If you decide to end your membership please notify us NO LATER than 3 days before the next billing date and we will finalise your membership.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, cancel your membership at any time by simply clicking "cancel" on your payment receipt, in your account settings OR email us 3 days or more before the next billing date. Unfortunately there are no refunds for the Membership. Please contact us with any questions prior to subscribing and we'll be happy to give you more of an idea of the expected content.
Is this suitable for beginners or advanced artists?
This course is perfect for ANYONE feeling like they need some spark back in their creative heart. Beginners will benefit from lessons which balance technique and intuitive practices enriched with creative mindset principles. Advanced artists will benefit from this too, as well as inspiration for studies to heighten their skill and broaden media experience.
Will I need a heck load of art supplies?
Artists need supplies, sis. But you won't need to go and buy everything at once. If you've already been making art you'll possibly have these already. The staples are: Sketch book Paper (good quality cartridge paper is good, or a large sketch book is enough to begin) Acrylic paint (a few good quality colours is better than a mass of poor quality ones- be sure to have plenty of white!) Charcoal Brushes Watercolours Pencil or graphite stick (water soluble varieties would be fun, but not absolutely necessary) As we progress we'll branch out into: Black drawing ink (water based) Chalk pastels (just a few colours will do) Posca pens (also just a few colours - at least white to start your collection) Oil pastels Canvas - We will use small to medium canvases occasionally Oil paints (if you're starting out I recommend starting with titanium white, raw sienna, cadmium red, magnta, lemon yellow, prussian blue and dioxine purple) And when we collage we'll collect scraps and bits-and-pieces according to what's accessible to you.
Do you love me?
Funnily enough, yes. It may sound odd, but as my time as a university lecturer progressed I noticed a real depth of care for my students had formed and now I am heartfully committed to helping my students level up and REALLY succeed. That's how I learned about how to smash through creative block. I needed to figure out how to get my students unstuck and growing in creative confidence. I just love people. I love seeing unique expression unfold and hints of limitless potential. So if you're human, I love you.
Is there an online community with this membership?
YES! If you've already experienced my programs you'll be familiar with my private facebook group for students, Art Flow Sessions. We have a growing community of supportive, encouraging and helpful souls who make Facebook a much nicer experience.
Will the membership price ever increase for me?
Price is in USD and subject to increase BUT the price you subscribe for today will always remain the same for you.

Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Ange Miller
Ange Miller

I grew up in rural hub country town Tamworth, NSW, Australia with productive parents who brought forth 7 children. In High School I remember largely feeling misplaced. When we would have career path advisory days and other students would be abuzz with gathering information for chasing their particular Dream Job; I floated aimlessly, wondering if I should just find a rich man and have his babies.

Wandering through life is the best way of describing the next 20 years. I did find a rich man. Not rich in monetary wealth but rich in spirit and purpose. I had four of his babies. But Something always kept me floating around... I knew there was Something More that I was missing. There was Something More to this. I have always been an artist, and the escape my creativity provided was definitely a vital harbour in the emotional storm.

It wouldn't be until my 40th birthday that I would realise why I was so lost in that school hall on Career Path Advisory days.

There was no banner with "Advocate for Humanity's Creative Identity".

No Banner with "Whole Hearted Searcher and Tester"

Not even a banner with "Artist/ Creative/ Entrepreneur"!!!

You see, it was creative expression which kept me intact through years of depression caused by the confusion of my purpose.

At the end of my rope, my spirit cried out and at the same time I was convicted that I must search harder, deeper, more purposefully and with all my heart.

In the most subtle but powerful way Creativity reassured me of my Name. Not "Ange", but the name too deep for words. The name of my spirit. It's too deep for words so I must use paint, actions, songs and love to speak it and understand it. To know my value.

Rewinding several years before this time I was employed as a lecturer at Avondale College University. I facilitated Lab in Painting & Drawing for 1st and 2nd year Bachelor students.

As I searched, I bounced things off my students and tested my findings with crafted curriculum and unique approaches.

Over the years of whole-hearted searching I came to realise for myself AND for my students that our Creative Identity had been imposed upon by the common value system which promotes Performance and Product over search and expression. This has enabled a creative confidence deficit in much of the population.

People are disconnected from their creative truth.

This enables competition, greed, desperation, anxiety, depression, narcissism, irresponsibility, oppression, emotional trauma and suicide.

What I stand on is make-or-break for me.

It has empowered such value, purpose, joy and goodness in my life regardless of circumstance.

This is the basis for my teaching.

So if you only want techniques, sorry (but not sorry).

There will be an ever-unfurling supply of training starting from here.

And I am SO EXCITED to see what ripples out from this little spot on the world wide web. Your feedback means SO MUCH TO ME!

If this teaching answers the call of your heart's cry for FREEDOM, please reach out and let me know!


If you have any questions please don't hesistate to email us at [email protected].