Abstract Colour Fling (Yellow)

Hey Gentle Soul,

Welcome to this class where we rub shoulders with some of the least-familiar colours in our collection.

Now, I chose yellow to flirt with today, but you can choose whichever colour you fancy (gather your paints and some paper and paint along with me!)

This exercise is JUST SO GOOD for getting you moving if you're feeling stuck, bringing a skip back to your step because YOU get to interact freely and spontaneously.

This is naturally energising, because much of what leeches our energy is that which is imposed upon us... (well, it feeeeels that way) and we don't feel free. Coming back to spontaneity means your essence gets to bust out and party the way it just does.

I LOVED making this class for you. Thank you for being here!

Enjoy x

This is the song I was listening to.

Here's the link to Abstract Composition Bootcamp.

How did you find the class?

Let me know below... and when you give it a go let us know how it goes over in the Art Flow Sessions Facebook group.

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Thanks for being here - I am thoroughly thrilled to serve you this way.

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I am all ears.

Much love to you, Buttercup.

PEACE on your heart & home,

Ange x

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